Welcome to shine!

Congratulations to all of our winners for excellence in performance for 2017-18!

Shine In the Limelight is an innovative performing arts theatrical production company for children, teens and young adults in Central Florida. Our focus is to present high quality dramatic and comedic musicals, featuring children and teens in all of the roles.  In addition to productions, we specialize in small group performing arts training and private coaching for young actors interested in drastically improving their on-stage/performing arts performances. Shine In the Limelight is dedicated to not only training students to be markedly better actors using proven, comprehensive, advanced techniques, we also specialize in audition preparation for directors in all mediums. 
Our Mission is to enrich the lives of young people by addressing their unique needs through formal education in the performing arts and productions of the highest quality.
We help our students develop skills and broaden their horizons as people and as artists. We believe that by exposing children to all aspects of theatrical production, they will learn valuable skills, build their confidence and take part in experiences they will always treasure.  We provide young people the opportunity to explore and perform theater together in an educational, supportive and professional environment, while developing self-esteem, teamwork, and positive communication skills.

Katie Corrie, Founder and Director
Mailing Address: 5905 Cedar Pine Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
Rehearsal Space: Gotha Community Center, 9561 Gotha Road Windermere, FL
Performance Space: ME Theatre, 1300 LaQuinta Drive, Orlando, FL



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